How to create a new Knoema page?

Knoema enables you to add pages of your own to the site. These pages can display various types of dashboards or gadgets, including charts, tables, and maps with the data of your choice; blocks of text; and dataset lists.

How to create a Knoema page 

  1. Login to Knoema.
  2. Click Create a Dashboard on the very top of the page.

  3. In the popip dialog, select a layout for the page by clicking one of the preset templates. If you do not see the layout that you need, select the closest, and then customize it to suit your purposes once you have created the page by splitting or deleting its content placeholders.
  4. Add content to the page by filling each content placeholder with a gadget. For example, to add a chart, click Chart button inside a placeholder.
  5. Provide a title for a page.
  6. Save the page.

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