Welcome to Knoema!

Thank you for your interest. Now you have an access to a very powerful and easy-to-use service to handle and visualize data and statistics from all around the world on numerous topics. Watch the introduction video below to get an idea of Knoema very quickly.

We are building our service so everyone can use it fast and easy. But if you face any trouble while working with Knoema, please let us know what the problem is. We'll do our best to help you.

And just to give you a hint about what you can do at Knoema we want to show you some interesting points so you can start getting most out of our service:

  • Provide yourself with the key statistics on any country and any region of the world on more than 1000 indicators with our World Data Atlas(watch our video about it);
  • Easily create simple and high visual charts, graphs or maps just like our ready-to-use visualizations by yourself;
  • Find all information on numerous topics just in one place by browsing datasets or use our best in class intelligent search with interactive previews;
  • Earn money on data projects or find people to work on yours in our Knoema Market(watch our video about it).

All in all, we hope you'll enjoy using Knoema and will recommend us to your friends.

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